Chaga Mushrooms 497mg Caps


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Irish Brand – Ethically sourced and produced – Suitable for vegetarians and vegans Formulated to help support the digestive system, blood vessels

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Take 2-6 per day on an empty stomach

Health Goal

Immune support, Circulation & veins



Irish Botanica

Irish Botanica is an Irish brand specialising in packaging and delivering natural goodness.They create a range of pure, high strength herbal products, developed in consultation with Irish Herbalist David Foley. Irish Botanica work with raw ingredients of the highest quality; their products are minimally processed so you can experience their natural goodness as nature intended. Testing vigorously to ensure the final product is as wonderful as the plants and herbs they begin with, Irish Botanica natural products are the best on the Irish market. Irish Botanica has a deep respect for nature, and also for the traditions which have come to us from generations past. Valuing folk wisdom, the learnings of ages, Irish Botanica take this knowledge and skill and combine it with the scientific knowledge and expertise of our time, to create and deliver products that are kind but effective. They don’t improve on nature but simply deliver natural goodness in a convenient form. The Irish Botanica herbal range includes Echinacea, Peace & Calm, Throat Coat, Botanical Syrup, Milk Thistle and All Seasons Complex, while our mushroom range includes Maitake, Reishi, Cordyceps, Lions Mane and Chaga.
400mg Inonotus Obliquus hot-water extract (30% polysaccharides, 2% triterpenes)